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roque de los muchachos mar de nubes

Visit La Palma with Toursahoy!

The island of La Palma has a unique and impressive beauty. Nicknamed in the Canary Islands like the beautiful island, you will love its summits, its volcanoes, its untamed coast and its vegetation, among other elements.   Although we still … Read More

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Carnival Santa Cruz de Tenerife

In these weeks, one of the most important events for the island takes place: Carnaval in Santa Cruz de Tenerife!   Considered by many to be the second most important Carnival in the world, it is a celebration that will … Read More

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Tips for taking good pictures with the smart phone

Here are some basic tips that will help you make better photos with your smartphone. Enjoy every moment and enjoy the Canary Islands!   1.Clean the lens        Sometimes we forget and we usually realize when enlarging the … Read More

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We begin the year full of energy and new projects!

2020 is a new chance to be better to take part in more environmental projects. This year we will improve our tours and experiences in the Canary Islands. With your help, we will reach more people being able to offer … Read More

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Astrotourism in Canary Islands

One of the most unforgettable experiences that you can live is to observe the sky at night in Canary islands We organise private activities for small groups with a professional Star-guide which are unparallel in Europe. Wonderful surroundings, nature, the … Read More

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Maipez of Agaete

For many centuries, the Canary Islands were inhabited by people still mysterious in many ways. They knew how to adapt to the islands, and their culture evolved for centuries. As we do now, they enjoyed the bright sun of the … Read More

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Lanzarote and the European Space Agency for future expeditions to Mars

Lanzarote has a landscape that does not go unnoticed. A dramatic, stark, exotic, bright landscape. Some areas of this island are considered as one of the most similar environments to other planets such as Mars, which is why for years … Read More

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What is ToursAhoy?

ToursAhoy is the result of many years of work. Much experience gained by thousands of tours in the Canary Islands, both standard and private. ToursAhoy is born of the cooperation of several official tour guides working with the same aim: … Read More

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This is my first post

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi vitae ornare urna. Vestibulum quis lacinia nunc. Proin vel convallis dui. Aenean maximus mi vel euismod feugiat. Nam aliquet ante tellus, et gravida massa maximus vel. Etiam tristique nulla metus, efficitur … Read More

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