Astrotourism in Canary Islands

One of the most unforgettable experiences that you can live is to observe the sky at night in Canary islands

We organise private activities for small groups with a professional Star-guide which are unparallel in Europe. Wonderful surroundings, nature, the best professionals and one of the best skies in the world are waiting for you!

The astronomical quality of an Observatory is mainly defined by the transparency of its skies and by the number of hours of observation useful per year. This is closely related to the weather of the place and its geographical characteristics. In the case of the Canary Islands, its exceptional astronomical quality is due to the following factors:

It is near Ecuador and far from tropical storms. In addition, this situation allows the observation of the entire Northern Celestial Hemisphere and part of the South.

The Observatories are located at 2,400 m above sea level, above the thermal inversion of trade winds. This guarantees that the facilities are above the so-called “sea of clouds” where there is a clean atmosphere without turbulence, stabilized by the ocean.

In the Canary Islands, there are no big industries so the air is quite clean.


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