How does it work

ToursAhoy System

Different by nature

With total transparency

In ToursAhoy we don't want tricks: we leave the magic to the landscape and the professional guides . As we want to sell at the best price we need a minimum number of customers. Fixed costs such as the bus, the multilingual guide , licenses, insurance, etc., are always there. That's why the more we are, the cheaper your excursion will be for you.

How does it work

In ToursAhoy we want to adapt to you, that you have an active role in the creation of experiences , in their viability and their price. Besides, we want the destination to visit to leave a mark on you, and you a positive mark on the world! That is why part of the benefits go to our social work.

Minimum number of tourists

ToursAhoy uses an original formula for generating prices . This seeks the participation of customers, so that, the more reservations made on an excursion, the cheaper it can be. Still, we always need a minimum number of reservations , which we set at 10. If we do not reach this number, you can always choose to hire a custom premium tour .


As a general rule ToursAhoy generates prices according to two ranges, which will depend on the number of customers. If we get between 10 and 18 reservations for an excursion, the price will be € 50 per person for half-day excursions and € 65 for full-day excursions. If we get between 19 and 28 reservations the price will be € 36 per person for half-day excursions and € 40 for full-day excursions. In the first of the ranges, you will pay a little more, but you will receive a more exclusive service. In the second, you will enjoy a service according to the quality standards of ToursAhoy , but cheaper. Even so, we reserve 4 additional places, for last-minute tourists.

Transparency and Excellence

In ToursAhoy we are moved by the passion for excellence and quality in the service. We are transparent and we do what we think is right. We know, like you, that a group that exceeds 32 tourists results in a decrease in quality. Therefore, ToursAhoy is always committed not to exceed that figure, to ensure that we maintain our service standards at the highest level.

Did you discover us at the last minute?

No problem. We will always leave some places for reservations of excursions of last-minute >. In this case, prices will be € 45 for half-day excursions and € 65 for full-day excursions .

What is your excursion?

5 hours


An unforgettable visit to El Teide, excellent for those who love nature and mountains

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5,5 hours

Landscape and Old Towns

An exciting tour through the most authentic side of the island

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5 hours

Arid Beauty

Recent volcanism, erosion and symbiosis between volcano and man

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5 Hours

Nature and Archaeology

A visit to the largest aboriginal necropolis and exotic tropical fields

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4 Hours

North Panorama

A scenic tour through the north of Tenerife, with a stop at Puerto de La Cruz

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6.5 hours

Volcanoes and UNESCO

A visit to the Teide and a tour of the historic city of La Laguna

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