Maipez of Agaete

For many centuries, the Canary Islands were inhabited by people still mysterious in many ways. They knew how to adapt to the islands, and their culture evolved for centuries. As we do now, they enjoyed the bright sun of the Canary Islands, the kind climate and fertile land.


In the Agaete Maipez, we have the opportunity to visit a pre-Hispanic necropolis, in fact, the largest necropolis of the Canary Islands and get to know better the life and vision of death that these settlers had.


About 700 graves, in large burial mounds 8 meters in diameter and 3 meters high, built with volcanic stones.


They are a direct memory of the first inhabitants of Gran Canaria, with burials of more than 1,300 years old in some cases, which mark the traces of the ancient aboriginal society.

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