The ToursAhoy project

Contributing to change

Carbon footprint

At ToursAhoy we want you not only to enjoy, but also to be proud @ to be part of this sustainable initiative in the Canary Islands . Kilometer zero products, local suppliers, authentic experiences and great enthusiasm to improve every day

How does it work

At ToursAhoy we want to adapt to you, that you have an active role in the creation of experiences , in their viability and in their price. In addition, we want the destination to visit to leave a mark on you, and you a positive mark on the world! That's why part of the profits go to our social work .

We collaborate with local and international NGOs

ToursAhoy wants to leave a better world for our children, so part of the profits will go to projects , as local as possible, on the island where the activity takes place or in the archipelago.

More Sustainable Tourism

We prefer Products and Experiences km.0. from the Canary Islands ; We compensate the carbon footprint generated as much as possible. We minimize intermediaries. We support social and environmental projects. And all thanks to you! The price of being different is that we need a minimum number of reservations for the activities to be confirmed , which we set based on costs and which is specified in the description of the same

Transparency and Excellence

We want to be proud of ToursAhoy . We are driven by a passion for excellence and quality in service. We only have qualified professionals. Commitment to sustainability. Permits and licenses are up to date. and we are associated with prestigious entities What else do you need?

What is your excursion?

2.5 Hours

Hiking La Caldera

A pleasant walk in a unique environment

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3 Hours

Arenas Negras Circular Trail

A simple, panoramic and impressive walk

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el teide y Piazzi Smith
4 Hours

Guajara Mountain

Circular route through the peaks of Las Cañadas. El Teide, in another way

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1.5 hours

The City of La Laguna, today

Walking through the past and tasting the present

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3 hours

Brunch in the Heritage City

Guided Walk through the city of La Laguna and Gourmet Brunch

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3,5 Hours


Guided walk through the city of La Laguna and Canarian Gourmet dinner

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laurisilva en bruma
2 hours_ Nature

The Enigmas’ RainForest

A walk in nature, accessible and unforgettable

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las vueltas de taganana
7 Hours

Hiking Vueltas de Taganana y Afur

Challenge yourself in an unforgettable environment

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2 hours - Heritage

Puerto de La Cruz

A walk to the past to better understand the present

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6.5 Hours

Hiking in Teno

Training in Nature

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2 Hours

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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panoramica de la orotava
2 hours - Heritage

La Orotava

A walk to the past to better understand the present

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refugio altavista en el Teide
6.5 Hours

Pico del Teide Challenge

Experience with us the conquest of a Volcano

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