Terms and Conditions

Tour design and execution

Unlike other companies, we design and create the product, so we know it well and guarantee its quality and concordance with its description on the website.

The order of the stops and points to visit can vary for the sake of the client and for reasons beyond the company such as local parties, traffic problems, weather agents etc

For justified reasons, such as large traffic withholdings, breakage of the means of transport and others, and in view of a considerable delay at the end of the excursion, some of the activities can be suppressed to guarantee punctuality in the completion of this.


We are punctual, we are responsible, but we are not God. If your cruise has as last call an hour near the end of the tour, reconsider the idea well, it is better to choose another activity. We recommend you have two hours of margin between completion and last call.

On each tour there is a description: rate if it is right for you. A walking tour involves walking, a visit to an isolated natural site implies a long driving time with panoramic views. The guide that accompanies you has the power to assess if you are able to carry out the experience, avoiding a bad time.


Punctuality: we promise to be punctual, but we need your collaboration for it. Both at the beginning and at each stop, the maximum waiting time will be 15 minutes. From there the guide has the authorization to start or continue the tour. Buses are geolocated.

Payments and refunds

Once the minimum number of clients has been reached, the tour will be confirmed.

ToursAhoy reserves the right to cancel it if after the period to formalize the reservation there has been a considerable number of cancellations, which does not allow the company to guarantee the economic viability of the tour. Even so and always to enrich your vacation, we will contact you to offer you alternatives.

On a confirmed excursion, you can proceed with the payment at any time without waiting for the final reservation period. Sometimes having everything organized compensates for losing some possible savings. Besides, if for any reason the excursion is cancelled, we will refund the amount paid.

ToursAhoy returns the amount paid if the ship does not finally dock the scheduled day, as well as due to force majeure duly justified.

We offer few excursions and with small groups to offer quality and control well what we do. If you have any questions, contact us. We are here.

Once the excursion is paid, no change of dates or unjustified returns can be made as it would affect the rest of the travellers. The idea is that unity is a strength!



In ToursAhoy we are responsible. We are looking for new formulas to bring you the best value for money in the market. Pre-booking only if there is an interest, as each pre-booking has a positive impact on you and travellers by lowering the price per person. If we detect that pre-reservations on different dates and/or excursions and then when the time comes you do not confirm any, we will value blocking you for future activities.

Before confirmation, you will know the final price, as well as the maximum number of participants. Sometimes we will be really cheap, sometimes really exclusive. Our goal is to achieve the middle ground, the ideal balance.


At the time of confirmation, you will know how many partners go with you.

You will receive proof of confirmation. No need to print it, just take it with you on your mobile phone.

Complaints and claims

We do the best we know, but of course, you can always improve. Give us your opinion, we appreciate the feedback!

We have at your disposal the claim sheets.

Insurance and licenses

There is no greater peace of mind than doing things right.

We do not resell products. We organize them.

We are a licensed travel agency: I-Av-0004185.1

We have all the insurance and coverage necessary for your peace of mind.


Given the diversity of tours that we manage, it is possible that the terms for some of them differ slightly from those presented here. Therefore, we always recommend that you observe the particularities that we report on the page of each tour.