Tips for taking good pictures with the smart phone

Here are some basic tips that will help you make better photos with your smartphone.

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1.Clean the lens

       Sometimes we forget and we usually realize when enlarging the photos. Taking into account that the mobile is always being handled, the lens gets dirty easily and must be cleaned with the same frequency.


2. Never use the zoom

       Most mobile cameras do not come with an optical zoom but a digital one, which means that when you use it to take a picture with your Android you will be reducing the size of the image and in the end, it will look too pixelated. So if you think you are very far away, you approach the subject to whom you take the photo to prevent the image from getting ruined. Avoid zoom whenever you can


3. Take several photos always

       When only analogue cameras were used, an attempt was made to take a picture of each subject to avoid wasting the roll. This is not a problem now when we have digital cameras, where you can erase, change the dimensions, take the photos sideways, from the front, with various light sources, etc., without spending anything, beyond the battery. So when you use your phone, try to take five, six, or the ones you need to feel good about the final image.


4. Use the correct lighting

If you are going to take photos with your mobile camera, you will not have a light kit to illuminate the photos with you all the time, but that does not mean that you should not take advantage of the light you have, whether natural or artificial. With smartphones cameras, the less light is used, the more pixelated it will look. Therefore, if you are going to take a picture outdoors use sunlight, and if you are inside somewhere, try to turn on the lights. If it is night and you have no choice, use the flash that is incorporated precisely for this reason. Of course, avoid it on certain occasions, such as to take pictures of food.


5. Use the camera stability settings

Not all smartphones have the possibility to configure the approach, but the most modern ones include this option that is usually already activated by default. What it does is stabilize the shot at the moment when you are going to take the picture so that it never moves, which will be of great help on many occasions.



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