Arid Beauty

Arid Beauty

Recent volcanism, erosion and the symbiosis between volcano and man

62€ - 48€ (max - min)
5 Hours Scenic Nature Traditions

Witness the genesis of new volcanic territories in Timanfaya, the capacity of the human being to adapt to any environment and the transforming power of erosion at the coast

Timanfaya National Park

At the beginning of the 18th century, as in the 19th, the island of Lanzarote suffered multiple volcanic eruptions that covered a third of its territory, transforming the island and its inhabitants forever. Enjoy with us an unforgettable time in the bowels of the Earth. Scenic drive through recent volcanoes and unique landscapes

Charco de Los Clicos

The crater of an ancient volcano, submerged in the Atlantic Ocean, creating a lake known as the Charco de los Clicos, declared a Nature Reserve. Its green colour, caused by the algae at the bottom, contrasts with the black sand of the beach of El Golfo, located just 100 meters from the lake, and with the turquoise of the sky and the sea.

La Geria

This is one of the most impressive landscape views of the Canary Islands. This land is a natural reserve and covers an area of approximately 5255.5 acres. It has a unique landscape and is exhilarating to witness due to its vast expanse of volcanic ash from the eruption of Timanfaya during 1730-1736; the whole scenery is bathed in its remains. Surprisingly this area of land cultivates vines by simply digging a pit into the volcanic ash and then to cleverly create a small semi-circular stone wall around it to help protect it from the wind. In fact, this is the largest wine-growing area in Lanzarote


Arid Beauty
32 people max.
  • Return bus
  • Guided tour
  • Entrance to Timanfaya Natioanl Park (14 euros)
  • Official guides
  • English, German


9:15 - Departure

A 30-minute coach trip to Timanfaya National Park

09:45 - 11:45 Timanfaya National Park
Let yourself be captivated by the dramatic beauty of recent volcanic activity. Do the bus-tour through the most impressive places in the national park.
11:50 Departure to el Golfo (15 min.-transfer). Stop 15 minutes
Enjoy free time to take the perfect picture and be surprised by nature
12:25 Departure to los Hervideros (10minutes-transfer)
Stop of 20 minutes to walk around the seaside. Powerful lava formations eroded by the power of the ocean
13:00 - Departure to La Geria
Free time in Campesino monument
14:00 - Departure to the Harbour
A 30-minute coach trip
14:30 - Arrival to the harbour
End of tour!

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