Brunch in the Heritage City

Brunch in the Heritage City

Feed on history and curiosities to end with a delicious exclusive Brunch

3 hours Low difficulty Historic Brunch Gourmet

Culture and Gastronomy

Combine an interesting guided tour of the city of La Laguna, one of the best examples of colonial architecture in the Canary Islands, by a qualified professional, with a gourmet gastronomic experience and live music in one of the city's leading restaurants.


Brunch Gourmet in La Laguna
Min. 10-Máx. 20 participants
  • Non-resident: €38
  • Child-Resident (up to 12 years old): €20
  • Non-resident child (up to 12 years old): €24
  • Official guide
  • Approx. 3 hour activity
  • Guided tour of the city of La Laguna
  • Gourmet Brunch at Hotel Laguna Nivaria
  • Insurance and permits.


09.30- Meeting
Our point of reference will be the Laguna Nivaria hotel, very close to the Plaza del Adelantado.
09.45 -The adventure begins
After giving a short briefing on the activity, it is time to start our journey to the past in the present.
Guided tour of the City of La Laguna
Perhaps you had never considered visiting the city with a Tourist Guide. Take advantage of it, ask, enjoy, rediscover the old town with the cool of the morning
The rhythm of the activity is designed to enjoy without pressure and the groups are small to be able to be aware that everything goes as it should. Brilliant!
11.00- Brunch Canario Gourmet
After the walk, the stories and laughter, you deserve the second part of the experience. Enjoy a tasty gourmet gastronomic experience at the Hotel Laguna Nivaria.
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Laguna Nivaria Hotel and ToursAhoy! They collaborate with the aim of showing you the best of the island. Also, remember that part of the profits from this experience always go to social and environmental projects. Let’s leave a mark and share with your friends!


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San Cristóbal de La Laguna

San Cristóbal de La Laguna was a pioneering and model city. A futuristic city located in a magical place for the Guanches. Well-planned city, without fortification, whose concept was exported to the new world as a model. City of cultural movements, art, springboard to America. Today it is one of the best old towns in the Canary Islands, a good example of colonial architecture in a very good state of preservation that allows us to transport ourselves to past centuries, when the world, life, were different

Fixed price

In this guided tour of the center of La Laguna with Gourmet Brunch as the finishing touch, we have opted for the fixed price system of 30 euros for residents and 38 for non-residents. Once we reach 10 reservations, the activity is confirmed. If 72 hours before the start we do not reach 10, we will refund 100% of the amount. Free cancellation up to 48 hours before The Group will be a maximum of 20 people. Dynamism, professionalism and commitment to Sustainability. 100% Canary Islands!

Sustainability ToursAhoy.

Help us leave a positive mark on the world. A part of your money will go directly to humanitarian and environmental projects.

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