Archeology and Agriculture

A stunning experience through time and traditions

€64 -€50 (max -min)
5 Hours Traditions Nature Wine Tasting

Nature, Culture and History make this tour unique!

Visit to local coffee plantation and winery

The Canary Archipelago is an example of adaptation of tropical fruit trees, to subtropical conditions where the bonanza of our climate has enabled the diffusion of crops of all kinds of fruits. In these beautiful plantations we will see some examples, as well as other products deeply rooted in our culture like coffee and wine

Wine tasting

Canary wines are considered among the first massively exported wines in Europe. For centuries our wines were drunk and appreciated by the European and American elite. Today, our sun, the volcanic soil and our pre-phylloxera varieties allow us to offer you a superb and unique wine. Enjoy!

Ancient Secrets of Maipés de Agaete

Right at the foot of the Pinar de Tamadaba, in the northwest of the island, lies the Maipés Archaeological Park. Set in the village of Agaete, on the road to the Valley, the Maipés is a sacred site hidden underneath a volcanic lava plain.

Banana plantation

The image of the banana trees, the smell of the plant, the sweet and intense flavour of the fruit are already part of the Canarian culture. Exported to the continent since the late nineteenth century, it arrived in the Canary Islands from Equatorial Guinea introduced by Portuguese expeditionaries. History considers that once the crop was successfully settled on the islands, the Spaniards introduced it to American lands on colonization voyages to the New World.


Archeology and Agriculture
32 people max.
  • Return bus
  • Guided visit to Maipés Archaelogical site
  • Guided visit to Coffee plantation
  • Wine tasting
  • Guided tour through banana plantation
  • Official guides
  • English, German


9:15 - Departure

The Adventure begins! Meeting point: shuttle bus (still to be determined)

09:45 - Arrival to Maipés

Tour guided by professionals through one of the most important archaeological sites in the Canary Islands

10:45 - Departure to coffee plantation

Tropical crops and the vineyards have been a cultural hallmark in our past and present. The Agaete Valley is a small oasis of tropical temperatures

11:00 - Arrival at the farm
For an hour we will visit this orchard, among coffee plantations, mangoes and papayas, you will get in touch with the roots of our culture, while you taste some of our best wines. Take advantage and go to the bathroom if you need it, the next one you see will be on the ship!
12:00 - Departure to banana plantation
Since the late nineteenth century and up to this day,bananas have been the main export product of the archipelago
12:30 - Arrival at the plantation
Not a recreation or imitation for the tourist, but the real thing. Live and enjoy this tropical fruit ripened on the plant!!
13:15 - Departure to cruise shuttle stop
On the way back, one last chance to answer your questions, to add some information or just enjoy the scenery.
14:15 - Arrival at shuttle stop. Here we say goodbye!!

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