Visit La Palma with Toursahoy!

The island of La Palma has a unique and impressive beauty. Nicknamed in the Canary Islands like the beautiful island, you will love its summits, its volcanoes, its untamed coast and its vegetation, among other elements.


Although we still do not offer regular excursions, we design in La Palma personalized experiences.


One of the most impressive visits that we propose if you only have one day to enjoy in la Palma is the visit to the national park, the Caldera de Taburiente.


A small group from 6 members allow us to offer this experience at an affordable price, with all the advantages of working with a small group, proximity, flexibility, etc.


The possibilities to enjoy the place are enormous:

  1. a panoramic visit, stopping at the multiple and impressive viewpoints, around this 8 km diameter caldera, which in some areas reaches two km deep, complemented by the enriching visit of the visitor centre.
  2. A more active visit, with our walking boots to immerse ourselves in nature and see the wildest side of the Taburiente caldera.
  3. A night visit, to delight ourselves with one of the best skies in the world.


Come to the Canary Islands and choose us.


Let us show you the most authentic side of the Canary Islands!

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